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What is a clustable?


In some office settings, employees work individually and have their own responsibilities independent of others. In other instances they have to work closely with fellow employees on a daily or at least regular basis.

If you don't have many conference rooms, you might want to consider another option for office furniture. "Clustables" are basically multiple desks attached to one another with their own computers, a shared printer, and . They are arranged so that the employees are in close proximity to one another, and can easily share information and work together.

These groupings of desks help to promote teamwork and make group projects easier to complete. has a number of clustable options available in different configurations. Take a look at these options if you need your employees to work closely together and want an atmosphere more conducive to that goal. It is a lot easier than constantly moving computer chairs, tables and other office furniture around to work with others.

How important is desk spacing?

Desk Spacing

While an office does not necessarily have to be as quiet as a library, noise levels can play a big factor in daily operations. Some people work better when they have a little peace and quiet. Others may prefer some background noise while they do their work.

Does your business involve a lot of phone conversations? If this is the case, you might want to space the desks out in your office a little more. That way, your employees are able to carry on their telephone conversations with customers and clients without interruption.

Spacing can also be important for the protection of any sensitive or confidential information that might be part of your business. This allows an employee to keep a client's personal information private and not for the ears of everyone working in or passing through the office that day.

The way you space out your desks and other office furniture may also be affected by the acoustics in the building. Carpeted floors tend to dampen noise more than hardwood floors, so you may want to place the desks a little further from one another of you have hardwood floors.

Does your office use audio/visual equipment?

Audio/Visual Office Equipment

Audio/visual equipment is becoming a staple in offices across the world. Whether it is used for presentations, building-wide announcements or to monitor the news as it pertains to your business, the demand is growing.

How should this affect the way you lay your office furniture out? Well, for starters, this equipment needs to be placed in areas where it will

  1. Be seen and heard by everyone
  2. Be easy to hook up to power sources and other components
It is not very efficient or convenient to have to place a TV on a table every time you want to use it. An AV cart rolling around in the office can also be a hassle. But using television and speaker mounts will allow you to affix them to a wall or ceiling. Here they are elevated so everyone can see them and out of the way so they are not an obstacle for people to maneuver around.

Shop around and check weight capacities to you get a mount that is strong enough to handle the equipment you're looking to accommodate.

Do you have business dealings in other countries?

Global Clocks

If your business has international ties, you may find yourself needing to know what time it is on the other side of the world at any given time. If you need to make an unscheduled phone call or schedule a teleconference in advance, you need to know what time your international colleagues will be available and when that translates into in your time. It is not always easy to memorize the time differences when you have business dealings in multiple countries.

Global clocks are an easy way to do this and can seamlessly fit in with your other office furniture. They can be configured to show every major time zone throughout the world so you know if you are about to accidentally interrupt someone's dinner or beauty sleep.

If you only work with people in one other timezone, you could just buy an extra wall clock and set it to that area's time. But if your business dealings involves people from all over the world, global time indicators or clocks are your best option.

What could I use exhibit furniture for?

Exhibit Furniture & Lighting

If you customize your office furniture to reflect the type of business you are in you will better off for it. Don't clutter your office with things you don't need. Stick to what you do need and what can help you succeed.

For example, an architect or photographer clearly needs exhibit furniture and lighting. A place to showcase your work to prospective clients, or to show them models of your designs or photographs that you have taken or had published.

These displays tend to carry more weight than handing someone a magazine or portfolio across your desk. Take that magazine page or model and put it on display for them. Be a little theatrical. At places like you can find everything from wall mounted displays to free-standing ones, and different types of lighting schemes depending on what you are going for.

These are vital parts of office furniture for people who want to display their work, both for professional advancement and pride, and to thank employees for hard work.

Have you looked at furniture sets?

Office Furniture Sets

We all know why people buy in bulk whenever they can. It's cheaper. The same thing goes for buying things in sets. A set is usually less expensive than if you were to buy each individual part separately.

Buying each piece of office furniture you need might be a little pricey if you have to start from scratch. So try looking at office furniture sets. These often come with things like desks, filing cabinets, shelving systems, book cases, office chairs and guest or side chairs. Every set is different. Some come with more than others, some with less. So when you start your search make sure you know exactly what comes in the package. Does it have portable office workstations? Computer chairs?

The other great thing about buying office furniture in sets is that you do not have to worry about things matching. You can buy everything in the same or complimentary colors, wood finishes and style. Look on to search for sets by style or color to match with your walls or the furniture you already own.

Do you have book cases and office cabinets in your office?

Office Cabinets & Book Cases

In most offices bookcases are essential pieces of furniture. Sometimes they come as part of an office furniture set, and sometimes you need to buy them separately. Whichever way you go, book cases and office cabinets can be a big help.

These pieces of furniture can be used to store and organize literature, files and media like DVDs and CDs, and a whole lot more. They make it easy for any employee in your office to locate the information they need quickly and efficiently. They also show any potential customers or clients that come to your office that you are organized and ready to handle their business.

Office cabinets can also store office supplies, like pens, staples, file folders, etc. Rather than having them stacked in a closet or underneath your desk, you can buy proper quantities of these supplies and keep them organized and readily available. This eliminates the need to run out to the store or place an order every time you run out of something because you have a place in the office to store larger supplies.

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