Desk Spacing

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How important is desk spacing?

Desk Spacing

While an office does not necessarily have to be as quiet as a library, noise levels can play a big factor in daily operations. Some people work better when they have a little peace and quiet. Others may prefer some background noise while they do their work.

Does your business involve a lot of phone conversations? If this is the case, you might want to space the desks out in your office a little more. That way, your employees are able to carry on their telephone conversations with customers and clients without interruption.

Spacing can also be important for the protection of any sensitive or confidential information that might be part of your business. This allows an employee to keep a client's personal information private and not for the ears of everyone working in or passing through the office that day.

The way you space out your desks and other office furniture may also be affected by the acoustics in the building. Carpeted floors tend to dampen noise more than hardwood floors, so you may want to place the desks a little further from one another of you have hardwood floors.



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