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What should I do to prevent dust build-up when storing chairs?

Folding Chairs Vs. Dust & Moisture

When you are not using your folding chairs it is important to store them properly to avoid damage or unnecessary wear and tear on them. The better you take care of the chairs the longer they will last you and the more money they will save you in the long run.

When you store your chairs, whether on a chair dolly or not, use covers to stop dust from building up on them. You can use anything from a large tarp to bed sheets; anything that will keep the dust out. There are several reasons why this is important. For one thing, you do not want to waste time trying to clean every individual chair before they need to be used. That can cause very costly and irritating delays.

Excessive dust build up can also mean that particles sneak into crevasses and other parts of the chair you might miss when cleaning them. This could irritate allergies for someone sitting on or near your chairs.

Dust can also be very difficult to completely get out of padded folding chairs. Cloth seats and chair backs should be kept as clean as possible, and these are some of the first places dust will settle if you are not careful.

Besides dust, you should also avoid storing wooden folding chairs in areas with excessive moisture or temperatures. This could warp the wood over time, making the frame of a chair unstable and prone to cracking or splintering.

Does the folding chair you are using have child safety features?

Folding Chairs & Children

Just about anything can peak the interest of small children. They are curious and love to try new things all the time. But some of those things are not always safe for them. So make sure that children understand folding chairs are not toys.

The best thing to do is to teach them yourself rather than letting them find out for themselves. Children could get their fingers, toes, hair or another part of their body caught in a folding chair and cause an injury.

If the chairs you happen to be using have a child safety feature like locking mechanisms, make sure to use them whenever children are around. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for children playing near folding chairs to make sure they are not misusing them or engaging in any activity that could cause them harm.

If you run a facility that hosts events and provides folding chairs, make sure to tell customers to be aware of their children at all times to avoid any further problems.

Do folding chairs come with tablet arms?

Folding Chairs With Tablet Arms

Many night schools, book clubs and other groups need chairs and desks, but cannot afford both. If you are working with a limited budget, there is another way you can go. Steel folding chairs with high pressure tablet arms at will be one of your most affordable options.

These are standard folding chairs that come with tablet arm extensions for desk space. You have all the benefits of folding chairs, like portability, easy storage, lightweight, but you also have the benefits that separate desks would provide without having to spend the extra money.

These chairs are often double-hinged and use double support cross rails to handle the additional weight of anything that might be placed on the tablet arm. They will be able to support books, notebooks, laptop computers and a lot more. And when not in use, simply fold the tablet arm to the side and out of your way.

Did you get a freight quote?

Freight Quotes

Whenever you are placing an order for folding chairs, make sure to inquire about free shipping options. If it is not possible to get free shipping on your order, ask for a freight quote. You will have to provide them with the shipping address and some other information and then they can give you an estimate on the shipping costs before you place the order.

With a freight quote you can then factor that number into the cost of the folding chairs, sales tax and any other expenses to determine exactly how much you will be spending. This can be very helpful if you have a strict budget and want to stick to it.

At, any models that are not eligible for free shipping will say so and offer a link for a freight quote. Once you input the required information a helpful customer service agent will contact you within a few hours to provide you with the quote. This makes it quick and easy when it comes time to make a decision.

Can excessive heat damage folding chairs?

Avoid Storing Chairs Near Excessive Heat

When using folding chairs, whether they are made of metal, wood, or a molded plastic, always make sure to keep them safe distance from heat sources. This includes fireplaces, space heaters, ovens, boilers and any other device or area where the chair would be exposed to extreme temperatures.

The heat can cause the surface of a metal or molded plastic folding chair to become extremely hot, and potentially burn the skin of anyone who uses it. A wooden folding chair could catch on fire if placed too close to sources of excessive heat. While many chairs are treated with chemicals to reduce the likelihood of a scenario like this, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture could also warp the structure of a folding chair, affecting its stability and durability. Paint, wood finishes and seat covers can easily be damaged by direct contact with a flame or too much heat. Avoid storing your chairs next to ovens, boilers, and other sources of heat that are used regularly.

How do you prevent scuff marks on the floor from folding chairs?

Avoiding Floor Scuff Marks

One of the things people worry about most when it comes to folding chairs is the damage that might be done to their floors from scuffing. But the truth, it really is not the problem people think it is. If you want to avoid scuff or drag marks on the floor, you are in luck.

Many quality models of aluminum and steel folding chairs have non-marring tips placed on the chair legs. This prevents the metal from scratching into the surface of the floor. And even if your chairs do not have this feature, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is pick up some molded rubber tips that easily affix to the bottom of the chair legs and you are good to go. No worries of scuff marks that won't come out of your floor. These can be bought online or at many hardware supply stores.

These molded tips, whether built in to the chair or added after the fact, also reduce noise made by steel and aluminum folding chairs. So if you need quiet for a presentation and someone shifts in their seat, you won't hear the chair leg making any noise against the floor.

Have you had chairs stolen before?

Preventing Chair Theft

You paid good money for your furniture and you want to make sure that investment stays secure. Whether you run a banquet hall or use folding chairs as lawn furniture, theft is always something you should take measures to protect yourself from.

Anti-theft devices for folding chairs, commonly referred to as chair ganging devices, lock multiple chairs together so that one or more cannot be stolen. If a thief wants to steal your chairs, they will have to be able to carry them all at once.

These devices are usually made of metal or a hard rubber or plastic that is extremely difficult to cut through. They simply loop around a leg of the folding chair and connect it to the leg of another chair. They can be bought in packages so you can link dozens of chairs together to avoid theft.

This way, when you go to set up the banquet furniture for a customer, you don't come up short on seating. Or if you plan to hold a party or reception in your back yard, you won't find an empty shed where your metal folding chairs used to be stored.

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