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Does your facility stock different types of furniture?

More Options

If you run a banquet or reception hall, you want to be able to offer potential customers something that other places cannot. That is why it is a good idea to stock a variety of furniture for them to choose from. Everyone is different. Each wedding is different from the previous one. Every graduation party is going to be different from the next one.

By offering more options for banquet facility furniture you are giving them more reasons to choose your hall. Everything from round and rectangular tables to different color and patterned seat covers to metal, wood or cushioned seating.

The less someone has to worry about planning the more likely they are to choose you for their business. So keep multiple options for furniture in stock and let potential customers know what they have to choose from. Keep different color seat and banquet table covers available so you can accommodate different color schemes and themed events.

Ultimately, the more options you provide a customer the more you narrow their choice down to one: you.

Does your table with wheels have a locking mechanism?

Tables With Wheels

Banquet tables with wheels are often convenient for many reasons. They are easier to transport. They can also make it easier to quickly rearrange the furniture at the last minute. And someone can move tables around by themselves if they need to, since you do not need another person to help lift and move them.

But if you choose to go with any banquet furniture that has wheels attached, remember to lock them in place once they are where you want them. Most table wheels usually have a simple locking mechanism, like a latch or a pin that is inserted easily to stop the wheels from moving.

No one want one of the tables at their banquet to start rolling its way out onto the dance floor. Locking the wheels in place can prevent them from rolling over someone's foot, as well as knocking over glasses and other items that are on the table.

Can you adjust the height of the tables?

Banquet Table Options

A banquet table can be used for several different things. So when choosing what tables you want to use, make sure you know what you need them for and go with the ones that offer the most versatility and ease of use.

If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with separate chairs and do not mind a more informal setting, try tables with attached bench or stool seating. If you want the formal affair look, try to get a package deal on tables and chairs when you place your order.

It is also a good idea to look into adjustable-height banquet tables. That way, if you have smaller children or anyone with physical disabilities, you can adjust the table height to accommodate their needs. You can also choose between different shapes for the banquet furniture. You may want round tables, longer rectangular ones, or a mixture of both. This can be a style choice, or it may be a matter of seating capacity and the configuration of the banquet hall.

Also, if you plan on using a table for a buffet with hot foods, make sure that the model you choose is treated to handle hot temperatures before you make the purchase.

Do you have stackable banquet chairs?

Stackable Banquet Chairs

Do you plan to have a dance floor at the banquet or reception you are hosting? Do you need floor space for presentations, demonstrations or activities? If so, certain types of banquet chairs can be a pain to deal with, so plan ahead and make sure you do not get caught in a difficult situation.

For the most versatility and convenience, use stackable chairs. By doing this, you can clear large amounts of floor space in no time at all. Just stack the chairs on top of one another and move them out of the way. These chairs are typically made of very lightweight materials so they are easy to pick up and move as needed.

Stackable banquet chairs mean that you can adjust your setup and rearrange things as the need arises. So you are never locked into one specific floor setup. An added benefit is that stackable banquet chairs make it easier to move them out of the way so the facility can be cleaned properly after the event. If you are in charge of the hall this is very important.

For example, if a principle of a school needs to get the gym or auditorium cleaned after a school dance, this type of banquet seating makes it easier to do so quickly so all school facilities are back up and running.

What are toddler tables?

Toddler Tables

Wedding receptions, banquets and other events often have children's tables, where the kids sit and eat while the adults have their own tables. But these usually turn out to be the same type of tables and chairs the adults are using, and children have difficulty with the size difference. This is where you see children with their feet dangle off the chair because they do not reach the ground, or standing on the chairs to be able to see over the table and eat their food.

Toddler tables can solve all of those problems. These tables are designed specifically for children. The height is tailored for their smaller statures so they can sit comfortable and eat without gravity dropping food all over their clothes and leaving a mess for parents to wash when they get home.

Take a look at the toddler chair offerings at for all your events with children. You can also order smaller chairs designed to work with these banquet tables for children. And since children can sometimes get more food outside than inside their mouths, these tables and chairs are made to be especially durable and easy to clean.

Does your order come with free shipping or a dolly?

Special Offers

Ordering banquet seating is not like ordering flowers or DVDs over the Internet. Shipping charges on items like those are easily affordable. A hundred banquet chairs are heavier and would cost more to ship.

So when you place your order, look for offers that help you to offset that shipping charge or eliminate it altogether. For example, companies like regularly offer deals on larger numbers of chairs. So if you order something like 50 chairs or more, you could end up getting free shipping, and that saves you quite a bit of cash.

It is also not uncommon for them to offer a free chair dolly with such an order. A dolly allows you to place multiple chairs on it at once and move them wherever you need to. This is much easier than carrying individual chairs in your hands every time they are needed. And the odds are good that if you need 50 or more chairs, you probably will end up needing to purchase a chair dolly anyway. So why not get one for free?

What wood finish works best for you?

Wood Finishes

If you choose to purchase banquet seating made from wood, often times you will have many options available to you when it comes to the wood finish. Some common choices are:

  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Cherry wood
  • Pear
Each of these and many other options available have their own distinct look. The finish you choose to go with could be based on the style of banquet hall or room they will be placed in. Maybe the lighting in that area will help determine what finish looks best. The again, you might decide based on the color of the seat covers you plan to use.

Whatever choice you make, be sure that it is one you will be happy with. In most cases you will want to match the style and finish of your chairs with that of your tables. But if the tables will be completely covered, you have a little more room to choose when it comes to the chairs, since that is the only banquet furniture that will be completely visible.

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