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What Are the Primary Features of an L-Shaped Desk?

Primary Features of an L-Shaped Desk

The famous “L-shape” works well whether you want an executive desk, a computer desk, or prefer the design of traditional desks. L-shaped desks combine excellent desktop area with the advantage of helping you multi-task.

For example, on one side of your “L” you could have your laptop or desktop PC, while the other “leg” has your phone, notepad, desk lamp, and other items. Simply turning your chair slightly, you can switch from PC to phone to pencil and paper, etc. L-shaped desks often offer even more workspace as they typically have additional desktop area on the corner connector that creates the completed L-shape. This is often a perfect spot for calendars, pencil storage, paper clip s, small notepads, calculators, zip drives, and other smaller desk accessories.

Another feature appreciated by many people: If you must use your office for both serious working and meeting with customers or clients, you might love an L-shaped executive desk. Why? You can use one side of your executive desk as your workspace while leaving the other as a “neat space” to allow you to meet with customers in the “clean desk” environment used with great success by banks, credit unions, investment firms, etc. This desk design gives you this opportunity while still displaying the professional, executive image you desire.

What Are the Advantages of a Corner Desk?

Some Advantages of a Corner Desk

A good quality corner desk delivers some excellent advantages over traditional desks. The primary advantage is space maximization. If you work in a “square footage challenged” office at your workplace or home, a corner desk might be a wonderful solution to your space issues.

Along with fitting comfortably in a corner, instead of gobbling up space in the middle of a room or covering most of one wall, these desks often maximize desktop areas AND offer excellent storage solutions. With drawer (including file size) and accessory (CD's, pens, paper, etc.) storage, often built-in or in “hutch” format, a corner desk can contain your complete office while residing in a small space in your available area.

As a combination computer desk and more traditional desktop for other tasks, corner furniture designs can efficiently meet all of your professional and/or personal working needs. You should resist the temptation to consider “bargain basement” desks, as they often have a short useful life. Visiting office furniture experts, like, will give you a number of options of quality desks at reasonable prices. Using a corner desk will optimize both your space and your productivity.

Is It Better to Purchase Identical Desks or Different Designs for Senior Management?

When to Purchase Identical Desks or Different Designs for Senior Management

Senior management desk designs are sometimes sensitive issues. Depending on your company's corporate culture and image goals, the question of identical executive desks or different furniture styles can be minor or significant. Senior executives tend to have strong feelings about the type of furniture with which they are comfortable. Therefore, you may be called upon to make an executive decision to create or enforce a “furniture policy” for your firm.

For example, if your company has coordinated a series of traditional desks and accessories, you might have a policy that gives your senior officers the opportunity to select their desks if they are of traditional design. This approach offers an executive perk and the ability for personality and individual choice. Yet, it also helps maintain the consistent, tasteful image your company desires.

However, in other environments, particularly those involving creativity, independent thinking, and/or idea generation, you might want to give your senior staff more latitude in selecting the executive desk choice they prefer. The senior finance officer may favor traditional desks, while the marketing executive might want a contemporary wood office, and the Chief Information Officer might want a combination of glass and steel. Your attempt at consistency may be frustrated, but your senior management may feel more comfortable and generate better performance.

How Should I Address Storage Issues If I Install Desktops or Table Desks?

How to Address Storage Issues If You Install Desktops or Table Desks

If you choose to install floating desktop or table desk furniture in a working office, you'll need to address some basic storage issues. Without a full complement of desk drawers, you need to create some form of storage for necessities. The size of your office and/or desktop will typically influence your choices of storage solutions.

Even if you have a “totally electronic” office, you'll still need some storage unless you don't own a pen, note pad, paper clips, or any CDs. There are a wide variety of desktop storage solutions if your desktop or computer desk is large enough. Depending on the material used to make your standard or executive desk (wood, glass, metal, composite, etc.), you can find attractive storage pieces made of a similar material. There are also excellent desktop accessories created in leather, acrylic, wire mesh, and other warm or high tech materials.

If you still manage paper and have a bit of room, you can choose from a good selection of contemporary "storage cubes". These can be found in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs. You can often choose different sizes and you can also stack them attractively for additional storage. Office storage experts, like, offer quality storage solutions for all desks and office areas, even the most modest of sizes.

Is It Worth Purchasing Inexpensive Desks or Should I Invest in Better Furniture?

Purchasing Inexpensive Desks Versus Investing in Better Furniture

While all businesses, large and small, want to save money, it is seldom wise to invest in inexpensive desks or other office furniture. Having a business implies that you want to make money – and, ultimately, profit. Even if you operate a small business, your goals are often identical to Fortune 500 companies – and they should be.

Your traditional desks and other office furniture are not luxuries, but operations necessities. For example, if you managed a manufacturing business, would you use the least expensive tools to build your products? Probably (hopefully) not. If you owned a NASCAR race team, would you use the cheapest auto parts to equip your vehicle? No. The same approach applies to your home/office or executive desks.

You should invest in the best quality executive desk, computer desk, rolling desk, or front desk furniture you can afford. These are your critical tools, even if you don't manufacture anything.

Inexpensive desks or other business furniture typically costs you more over the long term as they often have a short useful life. Quality furnishings, when you spread their initial cost over their useful years, typically cost you less. For example, a well constructed oak desk may give you superior performance for twenty (in some cases, 100) years. Using the best “tools” for your business will often increase the success quotient for your company.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Executive Desks for My Company?

Choosing Executive Desks for Your Company

Choosing an executive desk involves image, quality, and efficiency considerations. The importance of the image issue is directly related to the propensity of your executives to use their offices as customer, client, or internal meeting areas. Should their offices be used as “public” areas, you should match the image factor closely with quality and efficiency concerns.

However, if your executive desks are targeted primarily for "work", the quality and efficiency issues should predominate. The image factor becomes secondary to comfort and superior performance conditions. Executives are paid excellent compensation for excellent production. Whether that production is “public” or “private” is a primary consideration when you're purchasing executive desks. In all cases, the desk top should be large enough to encourage good work habits and efficiency.

While wood is usually the preference, be it a walnut, maple, teak, or oak desk, the quality of construction is normally more important that the choice of wood type. The choice of wood, however, should usually match and integrate well with the other corporate furniture you prefer. The best business furniture companies, like, offer cost effective and good quality selections to meet your corporate goals and objectives for your furniture choices. A combination of wood and glass or a metal and glass configuration might also be a perfect solution to quality and efficiency of executive desks.

What Are the Advantages of a Rolling Desk?

Some Advantages of a Rolling Desk

Rolling desk furniture is available in a variety of styles. You can choose a multi-function computer desk that rolls to any position you desire. If you need a rolling home for your laptop, without the necessity for other desktop area, you can choose from a variety of small rolling desks. If you're space challenged, you could select a modest-sized rolling desk and match it with a rolling file cabinet. You'd then have the ability to create your office when you need it and simply roll it out of the way when your area needs to return to its primary purpose.

Should you prefer traditional desks for styling purposes, you might be a bit challenged to find this design in a rolling desk model. But, there are quite a few choices in contemporary designs and materials (wood, metal, composite, etc.) for a rolling desk that fits your needs. Even if you prefer a “combination” finish (e.g. an oak desk with composite features), you should have a good selection of options. Regardless of the design, the primary advantage, flexibility, will apply.

For example, assume you live in a small home or apartment and need a flexible workstation to accommodate your laptop to complete extra work or pursue your e-hobby. A rolling laptop computer desk, with or without additional desktop space, may be the perfect solution. Stored in a convenient corner, it can rest, out of any traffic areas, until you need it. If it's homework or Internet time after dinner, just grab your rolling desk and start working or surfing.

What the Primary Advantages of Wood Versus Desks Made of Other Materials?

Primary Advantages of Wood Versus Desks Made of Other Materials

Wood desks have a number of advantages over office furniture constructed of other materials. This reality does not eliminate the utility of executive desks made of other materials. Wood, however, offers some features that other construction materials do not.

Wood traditional desks exude warmth and comfortability to both the owner and office guests. Unless real wood desks are abused, they will offer superior wearability for years and years. For example, an oak desk may outlast its owner or user. The beauty of a wood executive desk is only out performed by its useful life. If properly maintained, quality wood desks can last your professional lifetime.

Yet, other materials, whether synthetic, glass, or laminate, also create quality contemporary or traditional desks. Once only used for inexpensive office furniture, these other materials now produce quality desks. Depending on your company's décor, you might prefer synthetic materials. Yet, real wood, if properly maintained, will both last longer and project the classic image of stability, profitability, and professionalism that most companies want to convey.

Using professional business furniture sources, like, you can eliminate the guesswork that sometimes troubles corporate furniture buyers. Knowing that, regardless of your choice of materials, you will receive superior quality office furniture can eliminate any stress or uncertainty associated with the purchase of good office furniture. Whether you opt for the advantages of real wood or choose desks constructed of other materials, should you select quality and functionality over price, you will be satisfied.

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