Audio/Visual Office Equipment

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Does your office use audio/visual equipment?

Audio/Visual Office Equipment

Audio/visual equipment is becoming a staple in offices across the world. Whether it is used for presentations, building-wide announcements or to monitor the news as it pertains to your business, the demand is growing.

How should this affect the way you lay your office furniture out? Well, for starters, this equipment needs to be placed in areas where it will

  1. Be seen and heard by everyone
  2. Be easy to hook up to power sources and other components
It is not very efficient or convenient to have to place a TV on a table every time you want to use it. An AV cart rolling around in the office can also be a hassle. But using television and speaker mounts will allow you to affix them to a wall or ceiling. Here they are elevated so everyone can see them and out of the way so they are not an obstacle for people to maneuver around.

Shop around and check weight capacities to you get a mount that is strong enough to handle the equipment you're looking to accommodate.



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