Global Clocks

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Do you have business dealings in other countries?

Global Clocks

If your business has international ties, you may find yourself needing to know what time it is on the other side of the world at any given time. If you need to make an unscheduled phone call or schedule a teleconference in advance, you need to know what time your international colleagues will be available and when that translates into in your time. It is not always easy to memorize the time differences when you have business dealings in multiple countries.

Global clocks are an easy way to do this and can seamlessly fit in with your other office furniture. They can be configured to show every major time zone throughout the world so you know if you are about to accidentally interrupt someone's dinner or beauty sleep.

If you only work with people in one other timezone, you could just buy an extra wall clock and set it to that area's time. But if your business dealings involves people from all over the world, global time indicators or clocks are your best option.



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