Exhibit Furniture & Lighting

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What could I use exhibit furniture for?

Exhibit Furniture & Lighting

If you customize your office furniture to reflect the type of business you are in you will better off for it. Don't clutter your office with things you don't need. Stick to what you do need and what can help you succeed.

For example, an architect or photographer clearly needs exhibit furniture and lighting. A place to showcase your work to prospective clients, or to show them models of your designs or photographs that you have taken or had published.

These displays tend to carry more weight than handing someone a magazine or portfolio across your desk. Take that magazine page or model and put it on display for them. Be a little theatrical. At places like BizChair.com you can find everything from wall mounted displays to free-standing ones, and different types of lighting schemes depending on what you are going for.

These are vital parts of office furniture for people who want to display their work, both for professional advancement and pride, and to thank employees for hard work.



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