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Do you have a safe?

Fireproof and Waterproof Safes

If you deal in a business with very important and sensitive materials or information, protecting that data is a high priority. But you do not just need to protect it from theft or misuse. What about floods? Or how about fire?

More and more offices are using fireproof and waterproof safes to protect valuable information and items. If there is a fire in your office, you want to make sure that whatever you put in that safe comes out in one piece. If it was important enough to keep in a safe than it is important enough for the safe to protect its content from fire as well as theft.

If you work in an area that is prone to flooding and your safe is kept on the floor, don't you want to be sure there won't be any water damage to your valuables? If it is worth it to buy a safe for your office, ask yourself if it is worth it to get one that is fireproof and waterproof, too. Safes are a valuable part of executive office furniture.

Are you looking for an office couch?

Executive Couches

Couches are a common piece of executive office furniture these days. You do not have to be a psychiatrist to have one in your office. But the couch in an office should be distinguishable from a couch in the family room of your home.

Here you are looking for a balance between comfort and professionalism. The couch should not seem out of place with the style of executive desks and chairs in an office. It should complement the rest of the office décor.

While it does not have to be the exact same color or style as the rest of your furniture, it needs to fit in the picture without looking like it was thrown in at the last minute. When you go out to buy an office couch keep in mind the style and design of the rest of the office furniture. Ask yourself is the couches you are considering will fit or if they will be out of place. Are they the right size? Color? Shape?

And try the couch out first. Make sure it is comfortable. It may feel a little stiff at first because couches need to be broken in, but you should be able to get a good idea of what it will feel like after a while. Can you live with both the look and comfort level?

Does you computer take up too much space on the desk?

Flat Panel Desk Attachments

Executive desks should provide an organized and efficient workspace without clutter and distractions. Computers often take up valuable space on your desk and make you feel like you are running out of room. But that does not have to be the case.

Look into getting a flat panel monitor arm for your desk. These arms can mount a flat panel computer screen on your desk without taking up valuable workspace. They can be easily wired to a computer tower, stored on a built-in shelf or space underneath your desk.

Now you have the free space to move and do your work, and you still have the functionality of a computer at your desk. These flat panel monitor arms are a great addition to modern executive furniture. They provide a sleek and organized look while improving the overall efficiency of your work station.

Before you purchase one, though, make sure you check the size and weight specifications on the arm.

How do you avoid clutter?

Executive Clutter

Remember that an office needs to be functional as well as stylish. That means that you do not want to overdo it. Avoid cluttering your office with more furniture than you need or pieces that are too big for the space you have.

You want to have enough room to be able to move freely. Leave enough space near guest chairs for guests to sit, stand, and move around. Make sure that you can get in and out from behind your desk without having to walk awkwardly or climb over other pieces of office furniture. Do not buy a desk that takes up 75 percent of your office. It is not functional and it looks out of place.

Office decorating and furniture planning should create a workspace where you can be comfortable and get your work done at the same time. Do not sacrifice one for the other or both.

Can you choose different types of fabric or colors?

Style & Material Choices

Don't just assume that you have to choose from the first executive desks and chairs you see. What most people fail to realize is that there are many options, and the models that you first come across are usually just the tip of the iceberg.

What if you see a style of desk that you really like but the wood finish is not exactly what you want? Ask for the chair in a different finish. The type of leather or other fabric is not right on an office chair? Change it. Most manufacturers make their products in a number of wood finishes with a range of options about fabric and leather type, color, etc.

Never assume that something cannot be modified. Always ask.

What is good about high backs & European leathers?

High Backs & European Leathers

For really high-end executive office furniture, consider going with high-back chairs or exotic European leathers. This type of furniture has a very distinct look that attracts glances from anyone who enters the office.

European leathers give that aged and refined look, much like a bottle of wine that only gets better with age. Instantly differentiated from traditional executive leather chairs, they are more expensive and perhaps more classy. If you want your office to have a high-end look and are willing to spend a little extra, look no further than European leather furniture.

High-back chairs are good options for a couple of reasons. For one, they have a very regal look to them. Most people see them as reserved for people of high stature, so it is a good way to bring some authority to your office. They can also provide important support for your neck and back, helping you avoid the chronic pain and headaches associated with uncomfortable seating.

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