Preventing Chair Theft

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Have you had chairs stolen before?

Preventing Chair Theft

You paid good money for your furniture and you want to make sure that investment stays secure. Whether you run a banquet hall or use folding chairs as lawn furniture, theft is always something you should take measures to protect yourself from.

Anti-theft devices for folding chairs, commonly referred to as chair ganging devices, lock multiple chairs together so that one or more cannot be stolen. If a thief wants to steal your chairs, they will have to be able to carry them all at once.

These devices are usually made of metal or a hard rubber or plastic that is extremely difficult to cut through. They simply loop around a leg of the folding chair and connect it to the leg of another chair. They can be bought in packages so you can link dozens of chairs together to avoid theft.

This way, when you go to set up the banquet furniture for a customer, you don't come up short on seating. Or if you plan to hold a party or reception in your back yard, you won't find an empty shed where your metal folding chairs used to be stored.



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