Avoiding Floor Scuff Marks

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How do you prevent scuff marks on the floor from folding chairs?

Avoiding Floor Scuff Marks

One of the things people worry about most when it comes to folding chairs is the damage that might be done to their floors from scuffing. But the truth, it really is not the problem people think it is. If you want to avoid scuff or drag marks on the floor, you are in luck.

Many quality models of aluminum and steel folding chairs have non-marring tips placed on the chair legs. This prevents the metal from scratching into the surface of the floor. And even if your chairs do not have this feature, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is pick up some molded rubber tips that easily affix to the bottom of the chair legs and you are good to go. No worries of scuff marks that won't come out of your floor. These can be bought online or at many hardware supply stores.

These molded tips, whether built in to the chair or added after the fact, also reduce noise made by steel and aluminum folding chairs. So if you need quiet for a presentation and someone shifts in their seat, you won't hear the chair leg making any noise against the floor.



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