Avoid Storing Chairs Near Excessive Heat

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Can excessive heat damage folding chairs?

Avoid Storing Chairs Near Excessive Heat

When using folding chairs, whether they are made of metal, wood, or a molded plastic, always make sure to keep them safe distance from heat sources. This includes fireplaces, space heaters, ovens, boilers and any other device or area where the chair would be exposed to extreme temperatures.

The heat can cause the surface of a metal or molded plastic folding chair to become extremely hot, and potentially burn the skin of anyone who uses it. A wooden folding chair could catch on fire if placed too close to sources of excessive heat. While many chairs are treated with chemicals to reduce the likelihood of a scenario like this, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture could also warp the structure of a folding chair, affecting its stability and durability. Paint, wood finishes and seat covers can easily be damaged by direct contact with a flame or too much heat. Avoid storing your chairs next to ovens, boilers, and other sources of heat that are used regularly.



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