Primary Features of an L-Shaped Desk

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What Are the Primary Features of an L-Shaped Desk?

Primary Features of an L-Shaped Desk

The famous “L-shape” works well whether you want an executive desk, a computer desk, or prefer the design of traditional desks. L-shaped desks combine excellent desktop area with the advantage of helping you multi-task.

For example, on one side of your “L” you could have your laptop or desktop PC, while the other “leg” has your phone, notepad, desk lamp, and other items. Simply turning your chair slightly, you can switch from PC to phone to pencil and paper, etc. L-shaped desks often offer even more workspace as they typically have additional desktop area on the corner connector that creates the completed L-shape. This is often a perfect spot for calendars, pencil storage, paper clip s, small notepads, calculators, zip drives, and other smaller desk accessories.

Another feature appreciated by many people: If you must use your office for both serious working and meeting with customers or clients, you might love an L-shaped executive desk. Why? You can use one side of your executive desk as your workspace while leaving the other as a “neat space” to allow you to meet with customers in the “clean desk” environment used with great success by banks, credit unions, investment firms, etc. This desk design gives you this opportunity while still displaying the professional, executive image you desire.



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