When to Purchase Identical Desks or Different Designs for Senior Management

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Is It Better to Purchase Identical Desks or Different Designs for Senior Management?

When to Purchase Identical Desks or Different Designs for Senior Management

Senior management desk designs are sometimes sensitive issues. Depending on your company's corporate culture and image goals, the question of identical executive desks or different furniture styles can be minor or significant. Senior executives tend to have strong feelings about the type of furniture with which they are comfortable. Therefore, you may be called upon to make an executive decision to create or enforce a “furniture policy” for your firm.

For example, if your company has coordinated a series of traditional desks and accessories, you might have a policy that gives your senior officers the opportunity to select their desks if they are of traditional design. This approach offers an executive perk and the ability for personality and individual choice. Yet, it also helps maintain the consistent, tasteful image your company desires.

However, in other environments, particularly those involving creativity, independent thinking, and/or idea generation, you might want to give your senior staff more latitude in selecting the executive desk choice they prefer. The senior finance officer may favor traditional desks, while the marketing executive might want a contemporary wood office, and the Chief Information Officer might want a combination of glass and steel. Your attempt at consistency may be frustrated, but your senior management may feel more comfortable and generate better performance.



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