Vintage Style with Modern Benefits

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Can old style chairs be comfortable?

Vintage Style with Modern Benefits

Modern benefits with vintage styling is today's winning combination. Many executives are looking for office furniture that provides all the ergonomic benefits they keep hearing about with the ageless looks of previous generations.

Materials like brass nail trim along the edges of arm rests and the main body of a chair or desk, tufted leather and more create this look. Leather that looks gently worn is also popular. We're not talking about a used or "past-its-prime" look. Instead, worn leather makes furniture look classic, like it should be revered along with other valuable antiques.

The trick, however, is that you are actually sitting in a modern chair with all the ergonomic comforts that such a chair affords. Executive leather office chairs can provide you with the best of both worlds if you look in the right places. Try for options that fit the bill.



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