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What size chair is right for you?

All Shapes & Sizes

While ergonomic chairs have many adjustable functions, size is still something to consider. Standard office chairs will usually just come in one size, whereas ergonomic office chairs are usually offered in several different ones.

Manufacturers recognize that not everyone's body type is the same and that people of all shapes and sizes need comfortable and supportive chairs. Adjustable features are great, but they may only be able to be adjusted so far. There are limitations.

So before you make a purchase, check to see if there are different size options available. Choose the one that best suits your body type. It will then be easier to adjust things like arm height, seat height and depth, back angle, head rest height and more.

If you are not sure what size would be the best starting point for you, ask a customer service representative for help. They should be able to tell you what size is right based on your height, weight and other physical markers.



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