Not All Chairs Are Made The Same

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Does your chair have all the features you need?

Not All Chairs Are Made The Same

Not all chairs are built the same. So before you make a purchase, take a minute to examine the product carefully. Certain features like tilt-control are only available on ergonomic office chairs as opposed to standard chairs. But not every ergonomic feature is built into every ergonomic chair.

Typically, furniture that comes loaded with all the best features will be more expensive, but it is completely worth it to avoid back spasms, carpal tunnel and a host of other ailments. But pay close attention, and ask questions if you are not sure. Do not assume that just because a chair is labeled as ergonomic that it has all the features you have heard about or read up on.

Is the depth of the seat back adjustable? Is the height of the arms adjustable? Does it come with improved lumbar support? A chair might only have some, or maybe only one of these features. You may have to spend a little extra to get all these things in one office chair, but it will be well worth it, and you'll notice that improvement the second you sit down in your new chair.



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