Chair Tilt-Control

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Does your chair tilt too much?

Chair Tilt-Control

Many office chair manufacturers these days are including tilt-control in their designs to help create a more ergonomic office environment. Contemporary desks and chairs are changing to help usher in this era of ergonomic workplaces, and tilt-control is an example of this.

This feature allows you to adjust the range, or how much the chair tilts, while you are sitting in it. As we move, our body weight shifts in the chair and that causes tilting in one direction or the other. A larger individual might find that their chair tilts or moves too much under their weight.

Tilt-control allows one to adjust this range so that the chair will not shift beyond a certain point. It allows for comfortable flexibility while remaining safe and ergonomically correct. These also provide the body with much needed relief after several hours of desk work.



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