Take Measurements

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Did you measure the space before buying furniture?

Take Measurements

When looking at leasing or purchasing office space, it is important to take measurements first. Especially when it comes to your lobby or reception area. The space you are acquiring needs to comfortably and stylishly accommodate those that will be waiting in that room. It should also offer a relaxing environment for your clients or patients.

Take the measurements of some of the sets of furniture that you are considering: tables, waiting chairs, reception desk, etc. Figure out how many of each you will need and see if you can fit the required furniture in the space you are looking at.

If you need enough space for 10 to 15 people waiting to be seen and the location you are looking at can only fit seven chairs and a table, you might need to start looking elsewhere. It is also possible that once you find a good location you might need to modify your choice of furniture slightly to make it work. Preparation will make it easy to determine what space and what furniture will work best for you.



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