Positioning The Reception Desk

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Where is your reception desk positioned?

Positioning The Reception Desk

Receptionists have to deal with a lot of issues on a daily basis. Whether it is trying to avoid monumental headaches from listening to screaming children all day in a pediatrician's waiting room, or someone yelling because their appointment did not start on time, the days can get pretty long.

That is why it is important to do as much as you can to minimize the headaches. Arrange your reception room furniture in a manner so that the receptionist has a full view of the entire room and all those waiting in it. This way they know exactly who is waiting, and they can keep track of how long they have been there, and possibly warn you if someone is getting a little antsy.

It may take a few tries to organize the waiting area furniture in a way that works best for your office, but in the end it can help employees maintain better control and efficiency as people wait to be seen.



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