Chair Dollies

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What is a chair dolly for?

Chair Dollies

If you have ever organized a large banquet or event where the seating requirements are somewhat high, you know how taxing it can be to have to carry dozens or even hundreds of chairs. Even with folding chairs, you can only carry a stack so tall before you reach your physical limit.

So instead of working your muscles until they give out on you, use a chair dolly and get twice the work done in half the time. You can find dollies that will accommodate anywhere from a dozen to more than 50 chairs at one time.

They can be used for transportation as well as storage. With a dolly, there is less physical strain or work required on your part and you can get big jobs set up much faster. But always remember to stick to the number of folding chairs that the dolly is designed for. If it says 50, do not place 50 chairs on it and then start stacking piles of chairs on top of that initial 50. That can damage the dolly, the chairs, and possibly lead to injuries for anyone using them.



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