Why Some Business Experts Prefer a Round Conference Table to a Rectangular One

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Why Do Some Business “Experts” Prefer a Round Conference Table to a Rectangular One?

Why Some Business Experts Prefer a Round Conference Table to a Rectangular One

There are four primary styles of conference tables. At times, you might see some more “exotic” designs, like U-shaped, V-shaped, or horseshoe-shaped tables, but these are rare. The prevalent types of conference room furniture are round, oval, rectangular, and boat-shaped.

Many business change experts, management theorists, operations consultants, and executive psychologists recommend using a round conference table when possible. It is sometimes inconvenient, if not impossible to use this style of meeting room furniture because of room dimensions and architecture. A longer, narrow conference room may prohibit the effective use of a round conference table.

The reason so many knowledgeable people recommend – whether discussing a small or large conference table – the round style: Because there is no “head” or “foot”. This can be important psychologically. Rectangular tables, by definition, have smaller ends than their sides. These naturally form a “head of the table” position, implying superiority in one form or another. Those that want to create this environment should use rectangular or boat-shaped conference tables.

Those wanting to create a more team-oriented atmosphere, allowing equals to work together to achieve goals and objectives should strongly consider using a round conference table. The shape forms a unified “circle” of peers, subconsciously creating a stronger feeling of working together to reach success.



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