Tables With Wheels

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Does your table with wheels have a locking mechanism?

Tables With Wheels

Banquet tables with wheels are often convenient for many reasons. They are easier to transport. They can also make it easier to quickly rearrange the furniture at the last minute. And someone can move tables around by themselves if they need to, since you do not need another person to help lift and move them.

But if you choose to go with any banquet furniture that has wheels attached, remember to lock them in place once they are where you want them. Most table wheels usually have a simple locking mechanism, like a latch or a pin that is inserted easily to stop the wheels from moving.

No one want one of the tables at their banquet to start rolling its way out onto the dance floor. Locking the wheels in place can prevent them from rolling over someone's foot, as well as knocking over glasses and other items that are on the table.



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