Color Scheme & Decor

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Does your banquet have a specific color scheme requirement?

Color Scheme & Decor

Style and décor are very important for big banquets and other events. The type of bash you are hosting will often dictate the type of seating you choose as well as other decorations. So keep this in mind when ordering furniture.

For example, a school event might mean that you want everything to use the school colors. Sometimes there is no specific theme that you have chosen, but the style of the facility and its décor will influence your choices for furniture. You might want to brighten up a darker hall with white banquet table covers. If the facility has a specific color scheme, you might choose to match it with your banquet seating or chair covers.

Before booking a facility, make sure that the décor is suitable for your needs, and always ask if you can provide your own decorations and banquet furniture, in case what is provided for you does not match what you need for the event in question.



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