Furniture Provided By Banquet Hall Vs. Your Own

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Does the facility you rented provide the right furniture you need?

Furniture Provided By Banquet Hall Vs. Your Own

Whenever you rent out a facility to hold a banquet or reception, find out exactly what the managers of that facility will provide you with. Sometimes they provide folding chairs, tables, seat covers and table cloths, etc.

If they only provide a limited amount of what you need or the quality/style is not what you are looking for, you can plan ahead and rent or buy the banquet furniture from someone else. Banquet chairs come in all forms, so you do not have to just settle for what the managers of the hall have available. In many cases there is a specific décor or theme for an event and you want all the furniture to fit into that theme nicely.

Banquet tables often have to be a specific size or shape to accommodate the needs of the event. If you require round tables but the hall will only provide long rectangular ones, let them know you will need to bring your own into the hall for the event.

Managers of most facilities will be fine with you providing your own furniture, but you may have to provide them with some assurances. For example, they may ask that any tables or chairs you bring into the hall have soft rubber caps on the legs to prevent the floor from being scuffed.



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