Employee Input

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Did you ask employees for input?

Employee Input

If you truly want to develop the best office environment possible, you have to be open to suggestions. Talk to your employees and get their opinions. Ask them if the office layout helps or hinders their work in any way.

Is there something missing that they feel is needed? Is there something that should be taken out of the office because it does not work?

Their feedback is important because they are the ones that deal with the office environment on a daily basis. If something is not working, they are more than likely the first to know about it. They might also have some thoughts of their own on how to fix any problems.

By including them in the planning process you are more likely to get the best possible production out of them because they can tell you what they require to be efficient. Obviously not every suggestion can be implemented, but that does not mean there are no good ideas to be cultivated here.

Include them when planning the office design and they will thank you for it. You will also be able to get some ideas that you may never have considered yourself.



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