To Cubicle Or Not To Cubicle

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Should I use cubicles?

To Cubicle Or Not To Cubicle

You have probably seen countless sitcoms about offices where workers live in their own little world known as cubicles. But have you asked yourself if cubicles are the right type of furniture for your office environment?

It all depends on how you want your employees to work every day. If employees need to work together on group projects, presentations, and more, cubicles might not be the way to go. But if each employee needs to have his or her own space and some privacy to get work done, speak to clients or customers over the phone, then cubicles could be a perfect fit.

They are a way to give your employees their own workspace, almost mimicking what they would have with a complete office of their own. Since there is not always enough space to give everyone their own office, cubicles might be the next best thing. With these they can have their own computer desks and chairs, computers, office supplies, etc.

Take a look at some of the designs offered online at and you can get a feel for some cubicle ideas that would work best in the office setting you are trying to build.



2/10/2012 4:01:32 PM
Goodsmaritian said:

Is cubicles an ideal choice for a group of writers who work individually and independentaly for 95% of the time?


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