Different Desk Shapes

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Do desks come in different shapes?

Different Desk Shapes

Executive desks used to be simpler because there was a time when they did not have to accommodate the many things they do today. They did not used to need extra space to put a computer or a sliding drawer for a keyboard. They did not have to accommodate other computer peripherals like printers and scanners.

Executive desk furniture did not always have built-in filing cabinets or areas for safes in them. But things change. And as these additions became standard, there was less room to work in after computers and other objects took their space. Enter the “L” and “U” shape desks.

These executive desks create extra workspace for you so can have a clear desk in front of you and a computer and fax machine on either side. Peripherals can be stored on shelves and storage units underneath. No more speaking to guests in front of your desk over a computer monitor. You can move seamlessly from one section of your desk to another; from one space you can read, write or have a cup of coffee and swivel to your computer station for e-mail and Internet access.

As technology advances, executive office furniture needs to be able to accommodate more machinery without sacrificing your work space. Try out an “L” or “U” shape desk and see if the added space is just what you are looking for.



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