Cable & Wire Management In The Office

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Have you factored in wire management when planning your furniture layout?

Cable & Wire Management In The Office

No one wants wires and cables strewn all over his or her office floor. It looks unprofessional, disorganized, and can be dangerous. Someone might trip on them, pulling wires out of wall sockets or computers, potentially damaging them or causing a fire. It is also easy for wiring to get caught on the leg of computer chairs if not properly tethered.

So it is important to factor this into your plans when arranging your office furniture. If there are cables that do need to run from one end of the office to the other, use longer cables and run them along the base of the wall. There are wire fixtures that can pin them against the wall so they do not stick out onto the floor and are barely noticeable. Use zip ties near outlets and at workstations for wire management as well.

If you have wireless Internet access in your office, this will reduce the problem somewhat. However, wireless routers present their own challenges. Since reflective surfaces like mirrors can bounce the signal around and weaken it, avoid placing your router near any such surfaces.



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