Chair Angle & Height

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Does your chair fit your height and body type?

Chair Angle & Height

A common misconception is that there is one ergonomic position that you should sit in all the time to avoid things like carpal tunnel, back or neck problems. The truth is, there are several positions that are good to sit in, but staying in any one of them for too long can be just as bad as being in the wrong position.

Your muscles can lock in any position and get stiff if you stay like that for too long. So you want to pick up office chairs that can accommodate several postures. After an hour or so you'll probably want to slightly adjust the way you are sitting to get more comfortable.

By getting a chair that can be adjusted to different back/seat angles and heights, you can avoid physical ailments. While there are certain things you never want to do, like hunch your shoulders forward over a keyboard or slouch, make sure you do not stay in any one position for too long, even the ergonomic ones.

Sometimes it helps to set a timer or desk alarm for every hour or so. When it goes off, get up and stretch, and then adjust the angle/position you are sitting in to keep your muscles loose.



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