BIFMA Standards

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What is BIFMA?

BIFMA Standards

A lot of manufacturers and retailers claim their office chairs are the best and top of the line when it comes to ergonomic office furniture. But how can everyone's product be at the top of the mountain? More importantly, how can you know if a chair really is a good piece of ergonomic furniture?

That is where BIFMA standards come into the picture; The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association, to be more specific. BIFMA has come up with criteria and specific testing procedures to determine if a piece of furniture really is ergonomically sound.

So whenever you are looking to buy top quality products, look to see if the items meet BIFMA standards for office furniture., for example, is a great place to find these quality product lines. They offer an entire section of ergonomic office chairs, and clearly label any product that meets or exceeds BIFMA standards, so you know exactly what you are paying for. And check out for more information.



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