Relaxed Posture

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Do you feel relaxed or rigid in your office chair?

Relaxed Posture

While good posture is a large part of ergonomics, there is something called too much of a good thing. When sitting at your desk, you want to avoid sitting in an upright and very rigid position for extended periods of time.

The whole point of an ergonomic design in an office environment is to be comfortable, able to do your work efficiently and avoid pain or discomfort. If you find yourself so rigid that your back or neck becomes stiff, you are trying too hard.

It is best to use office furniture that can be adjusted and put in relaxed yet supportive positions so that the muscles in your legs, back, neck and shoulders can stay relaxed while maintaining good posture at the same time. After a while, you will not even notice that you are in ergonomic positions all day long. It becomes a habit. A good habit. The right furniture and support turns it into a matter of muscle memory, so that you maintain good habits and posture whether you are at your desk or walking around in your home.



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