Necessary Adjustments

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Does your chair have multiple comfort adjustments available?

Necessary Adjustments

Consistency is valued in many aspects of life, but variety and flexibility can be just as important. Ergonomic office chairs need to be able to roll with the punches, so to speak. If different people will be using the same chairs, you have to take into account their physical differences. Some are tall, some short; some are thin, others are heavy.

Office chairs should have adjustable positions so different body types can be comfortable and work efficiently. They should also have proper padding so that a frequent user does not feel springs or rods poking them, causing pain or discomfort.

Chair arms should be adjustable to accommodate different heights and widths. People have different length arms and torsos. Because of this, the arms of an ergonomic office chair must be able to move up and down to conform to different needs. Adjustable width is preferable since some people have thicker or more muscular arms than others. Chair arms that are too thin will not provide adequate support for such individuals.



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