Foot Rests

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Do you use a foot rest when sitting at your desk?

Foot Rests

There are many types of ergonomic furniture. One often overlooked item is the foot rest. Sitting at a desk all day, whether you are typing on a computer or writing by hand and answering phones, a foot rest can be a big help.

For one thing, it helps keep your back, hips and shoulders aligned. Foot rests promote good posture by eliminating the need to cross your legs, slouch or sit at angles that can cause physical pain. Peruse the Internet for affordable ergonomic foot rests, or make your own.

You can try using a phonebook, shoebox or anything that will allow you to keep your feet in a comfortable position without hurting the rest of your body. Some office chairs come specially designed to include an attached foot rest. If you really want to treat yourself, you can look for an ergonomic foot rest that doubles as a foot massager. Just because you are at work does not mean you cannot indulge a little bit.



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