Choices for Conference Chairs and Tables With a Multi-Use Meeting Room

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What Should I Consider for Conference Chairs and Tables With a Multi-Use Meeting Room?

Choices for Conference Chairs and Tables With a Multi-Use Meeting Room

Multi-use conference rooms can sometimes be a bit of a challenge when you consider how to best furnish the space. Often, a brief priority checklist can help you select the best conference chairs and conference tables for this important room. Consider ranking and evaluating the following issues.

  • What are the most popular uses for your conference room?
  • Is the conference room used more for “working” meetings or “ceremonial” activities?
  • Do the meetings held tend to be for longer conferences or for shorter time periods?
  • Is the meeting room also used for audio/visual presentations?
  • Does the room often host senior executives, outside VIP's, and/or elected officials, both local and national?
  • Does your company support a consistency of furniture for image and/or branding reasons? Or – does the firm encourage a policy of individuality in furniture choices?
The answers to these questions might allow you to decide much as Sherlock Holmes identifies the criminal: After you eliminate everyone who couldn't have committed the crime, the person left must be the perpetrator. This type of checklist operates much the same way. Knowing the activities that take place in your multi-use room will often indicate the right conference room furniture you should consider. The choices of a small or large conference table, stack chairs, overstuffed chairs, or rolling portable chairs, and the quality and construction of the executive conference table should be narrowed to a manageable few.



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