Large Conference Table Choices and Styles

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With a 21-Member Board of Directors, What Are Some Choices in a Large Conference Table?

Large Conference Table Choices and Styles

Most experts recommend Board of Director “ideal” numbers at around seven to eleven members. Yet, many companies have much larger Boards for reasons of necessity or tradition. Obviously, in these instances you need a large conference table (and an even larger conference room). Regardless of your affinity for an “every Board Member is created equal” philosophy, few rooms are large enough to accommodate a large round conference table comfortably seating a Board of Directors.

However, you have some excellent choices to seat a large Board or Committee.

  • Rectangular conference tables can be found in all sizes, including those that will comfortably seat large groups. You can find these in almost any style and combination of materials to match all corporate furniture styles.
  • Oval conference tables are often a perfect choice. They are appealing with rounded corners instead of the sharp right angles of rectangular conference room furniture. The “softer” corners, along with complementing the often-rounded backs of your conference chairs, allow an extra person or two to sit more comfortably than might be possible with a rectangle.
  • Boat-shaped conference tables offer the same “softer” image and comfortable seating for more attendees. A boat-shaped executive conference table bows out in the middle, providing more seating and workspace, while offering a pleasant, professional appearance. The bowed portion often equals the ability of an oval table by allowing an extra portable chair or two to be added comfortably to your larger Board and committee meetings.
Effective meeting rooms that need to accommodate large groups require conference tables that are both attractive and deliver the ability to comfortably seat people with appropriate workspace. The way your executive conference table “interacts” with your meeting room is critical and can enhance the effectiveness of the attendees.



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