What to Look for in Effective Conference Tables

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What Should I Look for in Effective Conference Tables?

What to Look for in Effective Conference Tables

There are two primary considerations for installing effective conference tables.

  1. Define what purposes the conference room is intended to serve.
  2. Determine what executive conference table design will achieve the desired result.

You'll typically find four primary shapes of conference tables from which to select.
    • Round – Effective when “teams” are the primary users of a meeting room. There is no “head” or “foot” to subconsciously suggest superiority or inferiority of any attendees. Instead, it suggests equality of importance of all attendees. A round conference table is wonderful in this setting.
    • Oval – A combination of the round and rectangular table attributes, oval conference room furniture “softens” the effect of the head/foot issues of rectangular meeting room furniture.
    • Rectangular – This classic executive conference table is effective in larger meeting rooms and can be “dressed up or down” depending on the room's purpose. Even using aluminum chairs or stack chairs to maximize seating, these can be a medium or large conference tables sized to fit the area to be filled.
    • Boat shaped – These attractive rectangular tables, a bit wider (bowed) in the middle than at the ends, deliver a combination of beauty and the ability to seat a few more people than straight rectangular conference tables.

The quality level and construction materials (wood, composite, laminate, aluminum, steel, or glass) can be tailored to the image you want to create, the “feeling” you wish to generate, and the type of meeting attendees your conference room attracts.



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