What to Look for in Good Conference Chairs

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What Characteristics Should I Look for in Good Conference Chairs?

What to Look for in Good Conference Chairs

The best type of conference chairs often is a function of the type of meeting room in which they will reside. The variety of conference room environments include –

  • Multi-Purpose Room. These typically have more than one reason for being. You may use the room for a staff meeting one day, a loan or deal closing the next, a Board or Committee meeting the day after, etc. Serving a variety of “masters”, this room should have chairs that are high quality, comfortable for longer periods of occupancy, and can roll. This allows seating positions and configurations to be restructured quickly and easily.
  • Customer Conference Room. Meeting room furniture used for customer conferences, loan or deal closings, customer service, or employment candidate interviews should be impressive looking and effectively support your image and brand. Good, but not necessarily superior quality conference chairs are appropriate.
  • Board Room. Professional and comfortable are the top goals for Board conference room furniture and chairs. Board members should enjoy their attendance at meetings. They should be comfortable and ready to make executive decisions. Rolling chairs often allow members to change position around conference tables during long Board meetings.

If there are sometimes extra people attending meetings, you might want to have some stack chairs placed in or nearby your conference room to eliminate standing room only guests.



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