Outdoor Banquet Seating

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What chairs are best for outdoor events?

Outdoor Banquet Seating

Any time that you hold an outdoor banquet the weather plays a big role in the event. Rain may force you to move everyone inside. In some cases, even excessive heat might require you to get everyone inside for health and comfort reasons.

But if you do plan to hold an event outdoors, there are some measure you can take to make things easier in case inclement weather rains on your parade. It starts with the banquet hall chair. The style of chair you choose is important whenever a banquet is held outside.

For starters, avoid using metal chairs. If you have too many to get inside before they are soaked from a sudden rainfall, it may lead to rusting if they were not properly treated when manufactured. Then there is the matter of safety. If the skies open up and it starts to thunder and lightning, the last thing you want to be doing is running around outside in the rain holding a metal banquet hall chair.

So for the events held outdoors, your best bet is to go with wooden or plastic banquet chairs that are treated to withstand water. This way, you are not carrying a bunch of lightning rods, and you do not have to worry about moisture warping the chairs.



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