Classroom Bookcases

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Do you have a bookcase in your classroom?

Classroom Bookcases

One of the most important and often most difficult responsibilities of a teacher is to instill an interest in reading in students. With the advent of the Internet, cable television and high definition programming, getting a child to sit down and read a book is more challenging than it once was.

Since most students do research online and few even have library cards these days, it is important to place books at their fingertips. The more they have books around them the more likely they are to pick one up and start reading.

Try placing a bookcase in your classroom and fill it end to end with age-appropriate books for your students' age level. Sometimes the mere act of putting a bookcase in your classroom can get students interested in what it holds. When they see all the books you have brought in for them to choose from, they will be more inclined to dive into them.

Every school should make bookcases part of their classroom design. Use school furniture to turn the classroom into a makeshift library for them and encourage reading from the start. Bookcases come in a multitude of designs, from different heights and widths to colors and finishes that can match a classroom décor. They can help your room to stay organized and put the joy of reading at your students' fingertips.



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