Classroom Marker & Bulletin Boards

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Do you use bulletin or marker boards in your classroom?

Classroom Marker & Bulletin Boards

Kids can be forgetful at times, so they need a little nudge here and there. They need reminders about when homework is due, when the next test is scheduled, when a permission slip for the class field trip is due.

With some simple school furniture you can make this easier on everyone, yourself included. Try working into your classroom design marker boards or bulletin boards. Place them in a highly visible part of the classroom where you know each student will see them.

Use these boards to post special announcements, dates that your students should be aware of, reminders about tests and homework assignments, and anything else that you do not want them to forget. And with a teacher's schedule and workload, these boards can often help you to remember important items throughout the school year as well.

So try using marker boards, bulletin boards or a combination of both. With marker boards you can use dry-erase markers and do not have to deal with the chalk residue from blackboards and erasers. Bulletin boards made of cork can be used to post grades, feature a student's excellent quiz or homework grade, attach post-it notes for reminders and more. Both options are classroom resources that help the teacher and the students.



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