Left-Handed & Right-Handed Specific

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Does your school have enough desks/chairs for left-handed needs?

Left-Handed & Right-Handed Specific

Statistics show that the majority of students you are likely to have in a school will be right-handed. But one thing that educators must be leaders in acknowledging is that you cannot overlook the minority.

Schools that choose to go with tablet arm chair desks need to recognize the different needs of their students. That is why it is important to have enough left-handed tablet arm chair school desks to accommodate that population of the student body.

Not having enough of these for the number of students that require them can have two specific negative impacts on students. First, the physical. A left-handed student who must sit in an uncomfortable posture to use a desk that is designed for someone who is right-handed can lead to discomfort and possible injury. Desks should ergonomically support those who use them.

The other concern is that a student might feel he or she is not cared about or treated fairly. They may feel that they are being unfairly left at the wayside because they are not part of the majority. This is more common in younger children, and can have a negative effect on their development.

So if your school uses tablet arm chair school desks, always make sure that there are enough left-handed ones available for the portion of the student body that needs them.



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