Safety Measures For Furniture

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What can I do about furniture safety in the classroom?

Safety Measures For Furniture

When purchasing school desks, tables and other furniture, remember that the safety of students should always be the primary concern. That is why, with younger children especially, it is a good idea to look for school furniture with rounded edges.

Tables with rounded edges can help to avoid a number of classroom injuries that can result from children running, playing roughly or accidentally falling in school. Chairs with round-edged chair backs are also a good safety measure.

It doesn't stop with tables and chairs, however. Bookcases, cubbies, and carts for books and other classroom supplies can come with rounded edges. If the specific school furniture you want to purchase has pointed edges, you can work your way around that by getting rounded edge covers. These are usually made from a soft rubber and can be used on tables, chairs, bookcases and just about any other type of furniture.



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