Science Lab Tables & Work Stations

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What should you look for in a science lab table?

Science Lab Tables & Work Stations

Science labs are much more productive for students when they can be conducted with the right equipment and facilities. That includes school furniture. Science tables should facilitate group and individual work and provide access to what a student needs in the lab.

Look for workstations that provide the following:

  • One or more sinks
  • One or more faucets
  • Water and gas fixtures
  • Capable of electric wiring throughout
  • A protective layer such as an epoxy resin top to withstand years of use and corrosive elements
The above features allow students and teachers to perform science labs without having to run to another room for water or run long extension cords across classroom floors. It is also much easier to clean up after experiments when each workstation for students has a sink and faucet. Some tables will even have a built-in area for a soap dispenser so students can wash their hands after completing a lab, avoiding masses of students needing to go to the bathroom all at once.

When looking for this type of school furniture, remember two things. One, these tables can be designed to accommodate multiple students or individuals and they can be placed flush against walls or anywhere in a room.



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